My optimized home setup 2021

⚙️ Optimization
🤖 Gadget

Since the first lockdown in 2020, I’ve been investing even more in my home setup as all my work and meetings are now done remotely.


Rekt RGo DESK 140

I had a manual standing desk for 3 years, and it was time to switch to an electric standing desk.
This one came out right during the first lockdown, so I pre-ordered it right away.
I like the shape and all the cable management built-in.


Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This one needs no introduction, the king of office chairs.
I have been dreaming about this chair at least since 2017.
And it does not disappoint!


MacBook Pro 16” M1 Pro

I love the battery life and the low consumption of the new M1 Pro CPU.
I switched from 13” to 16” because it’s a lot better when working away from home.


LG 27UD88-W

Using the same USB-C monitor since 2018.
With 60W power delivery, it’s enough to charge my MacBook.
It serves as a USB hub to connect my keyboard, webcam, microphone…

Ergotron LX

Using the same monitor arms since 2017.

iPad Pro 12.9”

I also use my iPad as an additional monitor sometimes at home. But it’s usually mainly for my nomad setup. I might use it more once universal control is available (ability to control the iPad from my mac mouse/keyboard).


Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

I was looking for a split keyboard to improve my wrists positions.
I liked that this keyboard uses a standard layout and can even be put back together.
I even bought a 2nd one with silent keys when I work away from home.


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I never use a mouse on Mac OS, and this way, I get the same experience when working on the MacBook.



Lumina is the world’s first AI-powered camera.
It comes with a small application to configure advanced features like cameraman (automatically follow your face) and background blur.
But also, a physical card with an actual palette of colors to do automatic color calibration feels like magic!


Elgato Key Light

With a good camera, I also need good lighting.
During the day, my desk is near a full-height window, so I need the additional lighting to compensate.


Blue Yeti X with Compass arm

One of the best microphones you can buy today, simple to use with Logitech software.
It works great with the Compass arm, and I push it away when I am not using it.


AirPods Max

I had utterly dismissed them at release because of the exorbitant price.
But having used AirPods Pro for a few months, I fell in love with spatial audio and wanted to get the same experience with my daily desk headphones.
Now that AirPods Max price has dropped in 3rd party retailers, it’s a great contender against Bose/Sony, especially if you use many Apple devices.
Automatic switching between my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone is a must!

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Co-founder & CTO @ Café (YC S21)