20 years of desks

My desk has always been an essential part of my daily life wheter at home or at the office.

Twenty years ago in my bedroom

I already had a second monitor to juggle conversations on the side while playing video games.

2008, First Internship

I spent most of my time testing different VoIP phone models daily. So I got as much as possible around me. Can you count the phones in the picture? 😂

2010, First Job

They provided 2 big screens and a laptop with a docking station. But I brought my own keyboard/trackpad and used my MacBook for the second screen.

2014, 3-Monitor Setup

After a while at the company, I even got a third monitor and brought a bigger one with a better resolution.

2015, Startup Life

I went to work at a young startup and had to be a bit more scrappy.

2016, First Standing Desk

I started freelancing and frequently worked from home, so I got my first standing desk!

2018, Embracing Remote Work

I had a fully remote job for a while and got an iMac.

2019, First Home Office

We moved to another apartment, and I got an independent office.

2021, Endgame?

You can check the detailed description of my latest optimized home setup.

I am always looking for ways to improve my setup, so don’t hesitate to share!