My optimized home setup

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I spend a lot of time researching and curating the best equipment for every aspect of my life.

So I thought I would share some of it here if anyone’s interested.

My home setup
My home setup


SKARSTA IKEA standing desk

I wanted to try a standing desk but was not yet willing to spend too much on an electric one. So I compromised with a cheap manual standing desk, and I’m quite happy with it so far.


DX Racer seat

Looking for a high-quality chair and influenced by esport players, I chose DX Racer. Their seats are designed for an extended use of more than 8 hours per day. They feel very sturdy and are so comfortable.
But if I needed to buy a new seat now, I would choose the Aeron Miller, if you can afford it…



I have been using this monitor for five years now, ever since I read this article.
Brand doesn’t matter much. Mine is a no-name Korean panel with only one dual-link DVI input and no on-screen display.
The important thing is that it is an IPS panel and at least 2560x1440 resolution, this way I can easily open two websites side by side.
The second monitor is mostly for chats, so I grabbed the first one I found.

Ergotron LX

Another downside of my monitor is the stand, you can just slightly tilt it, but no rotation or height adjustment.
Also to free up some space on my desk I used those Ergotron monitor arms.


60% Mechanical Keyboard Filco Minila

Keyboard depends more on you personal preferences, but I like the feedback of mechanical keyboards. I use Cherry MX Blue switches so I can really feel the “click”.
Having such a small keyboard avoids moving my hands too much, which I find more comfortable.
I also was among the first to back the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, which will replace my minila as soon as it’s delivered.

Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad

Mechanical keyboards are thick, so you need a wrist rest to avoid unnecessary stress on your wrists.


Logitech MX Master

I’ve always been a huge fan of Logitech, especially their gaming mouses and I wanted a wireless mouse, so I came across the MX master.
Very ergonomic, very comfortable, I like the thumb wheel (I use it to manage volume).
But the one feature that makes it irreplaceable is SmartShift: if you flick the wheel quickly, you go into a free spin mode, and it goes back to normal when you stop it.
This feature is useful when you are going through large files or logs.

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

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