My optimized nomad setup 2021

⚙️ Optimization
🤖 Gadget

Even if I prefer to work from home.
Sometimes I need to work from other places, but I still try to get the best setup to be more productive.


MacBook Pro 16” M1 Pro

I love the battery life and the low consumption of the new M1 Pro CPU.
16” makes all the difference when used as the main screen.

Roost Laptop stand

The best laptop stand out there, collapsible and lightweight.


iPad Pro 12.9”

Hard to find external displays with anything better than 1920x1080 resolution.
So I’d instead use this as a ~13” retina display.
It also becomes my most portable device when going to meetings (instead of dragging my 16” MacBook)

Roost Laptop stand

Yes, I even got a second one for the iPad to have both at the same height.


Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

I would not recommend carrying this keyboard for everyone. It’s pretty heavy with the wood palm rest.
But I am so used to working with this every day that I feel restricted without it.


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I never use a mouse on Mac OS, and this way, I get the same experience when working on the MacBook.



I won’t hesitate to take this with me if I have any calls planned as it’s so tiny (lipstick-sized) and lightweight.


AirPods Max

I will bring those along if I plan to work for a long time or in a noisy environment.
Otherwise, I always have my AirPods Pro in my pocket when needed.

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Co-founder & CTO @ Café (YC S21)