I am not a developer

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I am not a developer, when I need to build something, I try to keep it simple and write as little code as possible.

Why have I chosen Javascript to build my projects in the past 5 years? 🏗

The first thing that attracted me to Javascript is that you don’t need servers to run the front side.
Which already removes most of the cost and complexity when deploying a product while ensuring easy scalability.

When I started learning Javascript in 2017, I had to choose between all the frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.
But what made me choose React was that I could also use it to build mobile applications someday.
And I am so glad I did because I’ve been building React Native apps for the past 3 years! 😅

So my frontends and my mobile apps are done in JS.
Both can share a lot of code which reduces the total amount I have to write.

Why stop there?

I don’t want to learn another language for my backend.
And I can reuse some of the code from the frontends too!

Next, when I need to build a team, all I need is JS engineers, and they can all participate in each part of the product.

It’s certainly not the best or the fastest language out there.
But the simplicity it brings to my infrastructure and the code-sharing opportunities are helping me build faster.
And that’s what matters when launching a product. 🚀

(For the technical folks here, when I say Javascript, I do mean Typescript, I am not a barbarian 🙄)