Updating my Jekyll blog from an iPad

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I just bought the new iPad Pro, and I plan to use it when I travel to AWS re:Invent to write blog posts.

My iPad setup


  • iPad Pro 12.9” (633g)
  • Smart Folio (240g)
  • Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard (180g)

With around 1kg, it’s a great setup to carry and work on the go.


First I looked for an application to write/edit markdown content.
I studied a few (iA Writer, Editorial, Textastic…) but I liked the look and feel of Bear and the fact that they have a Mac App with easy sync.

Working Copy

The next step is to commit the new post to git, where my continuous deployment workflow will kick in.

So I needed a git client on iOS, and all my research pointed to the same direction: Working Copy.

I had never used a graphic git client before.
However, I liked how easy it was to set up with my GitHub account and start cloning my repositories.

Siri Shortcuts

Now I have everything I need to add a new post.
But I like to automate things, so I wanted to make it even easier.

So I created a Siri Shortcut that does all the heavy lifting:

  • Parse markdown for images, resize them and copy to the repository
  • Parse markdown for tags
  • Generate front matter block (title, tags, feature image…)
  • Copy markdown file to the repository

You can check the full shortcut with comments here.

This way I just have to export the text bundle from Bear to my shortcut and voilà!


When I first push the post is hidden, I can check everything looks good by using the direct link and make further modifications or unhide it with another commit.

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Freelance AWS Solutions Architect