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My everyday carry


Google Nexus 6P
I like Google’s Nexus line because I can get the real Android experience, no manufacturer customized ROMs.
I’m also guaranteed to get the updates right away and a 2-year warranty.
I chose the largest screen because I mostly use my phone to read emails and news, I don’t mind the size as I keep it in my jacket pocket.


Ogon Designs smart wallet
I’ve been using this wallet for almost 10 years.
It’s exactly the size of the French ID card and driving license, and it gives me quick access to my credit cards (I never carry cash anymore).
And it even features an RFID protection.


Bragi the headphone
I had been looking for a while for small earbuds with audio passthrough.
I mostly use them during my commute or at work, and I want to be able to hear if someone talks to me without having to take them off.
With 6 hours of battery life, it’s more than enough for me. I charge them in their case during lunch.

Plantronics Voyager Edge (alternative)
I hate to hold my phone when I’m on a call because most of the time I’m in front of my computer, and I want to keep using my keyboard.
So I use a lot of different Bluetooth headsets, this one is the best to carry with it’s charging case.


LG G Watch + Chronolinks + Leatherman Tread
First I got the LG G Watch on release, it was one of the first android wear watches, it’s still working great, but I might upgrade it for an android wear 2.0 compatible watch someday.

I was always interested in the Leatherman Tread. It’s a wearable multi-tool, I like the idea of always having a screwdriver and a bottle opener with me.
But I didn’t want to wear it AND a watch at the same time…

That was until I found out about Chronolinks, which makes standard watch adapter for the Tread, that was a no-brainer.

Withings steel HR (alternative)
I also use this watch when I want a more formal dressing, it’s discreet, and I still get notifications for calls and SMS.
It’s also great when going on a trip, because the battery lasts 45 days, no need to bring an extra charger.


Another small handy key organizer.

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Freelance AWS Solutions Architect