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It’s almost been 10 years since my last iPhone, I have always found them too expensive compared to Android phones.

However, what has been drawing me back is not the phone itself, but the whole ecosystem around it.

First, I am already using an iMac and a MacBook Pro so I would benefit from all Continuity features:

  • Calls/SMS sync across all devices
  • Instant Hotspot
  • Universal Clipboard

I have been using the AirPods for almost a year with my Android phones.
But I don’t really benefit from all the features unless I use them with an iPhone.

And then there is the Apple Watch, which is definitely ahead of Android Wear OS watches.
More battery life, better interface, and integration with iOS…

That’s all those little things around it that made me switch back to the iPhone.


iPhone XS Max

My last 2 phones were big phablets: Nexus 6P (5.7”) and Galaxy Note 8 (6.3”), so when Apple announced the iPhone XS Max at 6.5”, I was all-in.


Apple AirPods

I used to carry different headphones for listening to music and for making calls, but those are better at both.


Apple Watch Series 4 44mm

I love being able to change the bands so quickly and easily.
I already have 4 different bands:

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

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