Best of AWS announcements before re:Invent 2018

☁️ AWS

As usual, AWS starts dumping announcements in the upcoming weeks before re:Invent, which means there is even bigger news coming next week.

I selected a few that caught my attention.

AWS Lambda timeout up from 5 to 15 minutes

Without notice, they just tripled the maximum execution time.

Amazon API Gateway finally support AWS WAF

This one is over due. We know API Gateway uses CloudFront which itself supports AWS WAF, so it always seemed weird not being able to do this.

Amazon Aurora custom endpoints

With custom endpoints, you can now group and choose which instances in your cluster you run your queries on.

AWS CloudFormation Drift Detection

No more wondering about your infrastructure state, you can now run Drift Detection on your stacks. And use the new AWS Config Rule to check it periodically.

AWS CloudFront Origin Failover

You can now have a primary and secondary for each origin in your distribution.

Predictive Scaling for EC2

Using Machine Learning based on daily and weekly trends, Predictive Scaling will provision new EC2 instances just in time.

AWS Resource Access Manager

I have sometimes been struggling with access to resources across accounts in the same organization. This seems to provide a lot of new possibilities.

Next week I will be at re:Invent to follow the next announcements first hand!

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Freelance AWS Solutions Architect