AWS re:Invent 2018 Day 3

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Andy Jassy’s Keynote

Today was marked by the first real keynote of this re:Invent.
There were a lot of launches, previews and pre-announcements, you can find them all on AWS News Blog.

I will focus on the ones I am most interested in.

Amazon DynamoDB On-Demand

The biggest announcement for me today.
DynamoDB already having an auto-scaling feature, I was not expecting this.

Amazon Textract

Among all the machine learning services, this is one I already have a lot of use cases ideas for.

Amazon Timestream

We were definitely missing a good time-series database on AWS.
So it’s only natural that AWS came up with a solution.

AWS DeepRacer

I’ve wanted for some time to try a small machine learning project.
AWS DeepRacer seems like a great place to start while having fun.
I directly signed up for the preview and can’t why to try it out.

Expo Hall at Venitian

After the keynote I spent the afternoon in the Expo Hall, visiting sponsor’s booths and discussing with AWS engineers in the AWS Village.

French Connection

Tonight I will be at the “French Connection” event, organized by Snowflake for the french community at re:Invent.

It will be a great way to meet other french enthusiast and hang with all the people I already know.

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Freelance AWS Solutions Architect