AWS 5/5 certified !

☁️ AWS

I had already passed Cloud Solutions Architect and Developer last year, but I hadn’t had time to focus on it since.

Realizing re:Invent was just around the corner, it motivated me to dive back in.

SysOps Administrator

A month ago, I started by studying for the SysOps exam to get myself back into the game.

Working with AWS for a few years now, I just needed to refresh the basics :

One week later, I passed with 87% in ~30 minutes.

Solutions Architect & DevOps Engineer

At first, I was planning to sit both exams at re:Invent, so I would have more time to prepare.
And I thought it would be smarter to prepare for both exams as there is a lot of overlap between them.

But I finished reviewing the materials way faster than I anticipated and my practice exams results were good.

I was afraid I was going to struggle with time :
~80 questions with a lot of text to read in 170 minutes (so about 2 minutes per questions).

But I passed them both today with 60 minutes left!

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Freelance AWS Solutions Architect