AWS Authorized Instructor Champion !

☁️ AWS

AWS contacted me just before re:Invent because they were looking for freelance instructors in France.

I had no experience teaching a class, but with my certifications and all my hands-on experience, they thought I could be a good match.

So I accepted this new challenge and started preparing with all the teaching materials provided by AWS:

  • powerpoints
  • videos
  • instructor guide…

Once I felt ready, I had to attend a workshop where I would deliver several modules to an audience.
All the while being reviewed and hopefully validated by the leading instructor.

The instructor then sent his evaluation back to AWS and I got the official certificate a few days later :

I got the "Champion" title because I hold more than 3 certifications

I am now officially authorized to deliver classes for the certifications I already hold.
And I plan to pass the remaining certifications I am missing (all the specialties) so I can teach even more courses.

It’s a brand new way for me to share my knowledge on AWS and I can’t wait to start!

Arthur Lorotte de Banes

Freelance AWS Solutions Architect