1 year ago I left my job…

1 year ago I left my job…
And it was the most exciting year of my life! 🤩

What happened? 🤔

With my brother Tom, we started Café last September.

In just the past 12 months we achieved so many things:

  • 🚀 Launch an MVP in 2 weeks
  • 💸 Raise 1M$ in pre-seed
  • 🤗 Build a dream team in Paris and NYC
  • 🏆 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
  • 📰 Get an article on TechCrunch
  • 🤯 Join Y Combinator 2021 summer batch
  • 💰 Reach 8k$ MRR in 2 months

I’ve learned so much from launching my own company, in addition to creating a complete product from scratch, and having to manage all aspects of the business: sales, strategy, customer support…

This year has been crazy, and it’s only the beginning of our journey!